Watch as Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey is Booed Out of BLM Protest to Chants of ‘Go Home, Jacob, Go Home!’



Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey was booed out of a BLM protest on Saturday evening after not committing to defunding the city’s police department over the death of George Floyd.

A protesters asked Frey a yes or no question: would he commit to defunding the Minneapolis Police Department? The mayor’s answer did not satisfy the female protester, prompting her to tell him to “get the fuck outta here.”

David Schuman tweeted out, “Whoa. @MayorFrey is asked ‘Will you commit to defunding police, yes or no?’ Speaker says his re-election hinges on the answer. Couldn’t hear answer but the crowd erupts in boos, chanting “GO HOME JACOB.'”

On Friday, the mayor attended the memorial service of George Floyd where he broke down in tears while kneeling in front of Floyd’s casket. Members of the Minneapolis City Council have vowed to “dismantle” the MPD  including the city council president Lisa Bender and councilman Jeremiah Ellison.

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