WATCH: Joe Biden Rips Trump at McAuliffe Rally for Attacking Colin Powell


President Joe Biden spent a good chunk of his speech in Virginia ripping former President Donald Trump over a variety of issues, including Trump’s attack on the late Sec. Colin Powell shortly after the general’s death.

At a rally for former and potential future Gov. Terry McAuliffe in Arlington, VA Tuesday night, Trump’s name was mentioned nearly forty times between the president and McAuliffe, including a section in which Biden became visibly emotional when discussing Powell.

Biden began by telling the crowd that Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin “embraced Donald Trump,” and that his focus on “election integrity” was “a price he’d have to pay for the nomination” in order to secure Trump’s endorsement.

“But now he doesn’t want to talk about Trump anymore. Well, I do,” Biden said. “Talk about an oxymoron, Donald Trump and election integrity. I can’t believe he puts the word Trump and integrity in the same sentence.”

“Look, he’s done a lot of lousy things, but when my friend, General Colin Powell, died, his integrity…” Biden began, pausing for a moment. “A man of incredible integrity. They certainly go together, with Colin Powell and integrity, a decorated American hero.”

“Which is why the attack just leveled by Trump against General Powell was so offensive,” Biden continued. “I’d say it’s unbelievable, but it’s not. Trump did the same thing about John McCain. That’s who Donald Trump is.”

Biden was referring to a statement Trump issued after Powell’s death that was near-universally condemned, as well as the relentless campaign of attacks he waged against the late Senator McCain.

Watch above via The Independent.

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