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WATCH: Kellyanne Conway Melts Down When Busted for Lying About Violating Hatch Act, Lies Some More


White House counselor Kellyanne Conway repeatedly lashed out when reporters called her out for claiming she had never violated the Hatch Act, and at one point even told them a demonstrable lie that she urged them to go back and check against “the full quotes.” We did that.

During a gaggle on the White House driveway Wednesday, Conway spent the better part of her remarks attacking former Vice President Joe Biden, which prompted Associated Press White House correspondent Zeke Miller to ask Conway about her Hatch Act violations.

Miller asked if she intended to continue commenting on the 2020 election despite those past violations. “You’ve been found to have violated the Hatch Act,” Miller said, but Conway cut him off.

“No I haven’t been found to, that’s an outside group,” Conway insisted. “No no, you have to get your facts straight, Zeke, because you often don’t, respectfully.”

As Miller noted on Twitter, the Office of Special Counsel did, in fact, rule that Conway violated the Hatch Act repeatedly.

Conway then taunted Miller by noting “I know I’m not someone in the White House who talk to you frequently, and others do, so hi, it’s been awhile.”

“Zeke, the fact is I haven’t been founded in violation of the hatch act based on the 2020 election,” she continued. “You’ve got outside groups who have political agendas trying to file actions against me, it doesn’t make it real, it doesn’t even make it relevant. So I will, I wasn’t talking about the 2020 election, I’m going to talk about people’s records because I have the right to come and if you going to ask me about issues, I can hold forth all day long that issues.”

Later in the gaggle, another reporter pressed Conway on her claim not to have violated the law, asking “Is it your contention that you never violated the Hatch Act?”

“Anyone else?” Conway asked as the question was being asked. After an awkward silence, she said “Do you, can you tell me what the Hatch Act is and how one violates it? You can look down at your notes, I don’t use a note, or no notes, no net, you can look down.”

“The Hatch Act prohibits political, partisan political activity by federal employees,” the reporter answered, and added “You are covered by the Hatch Act, and in fact the Office of Special Counsel found that you twice violated the Hatch Act in 2018 while speaking about the Alabama special senatorial election.”

“And?” Conway said, then after another pause, added “And I didn’t, they actually misquoted my interview.”

“Actually, Brian Kilmeade on Fox & Friends said ‘So, vote Roy Moore?’ And I said ‘No, I’m not saying that, I can never say that,’ So you have to go back and pull the full quotes,” Conway insisted. “I know it won’t fit in a tweet, not an exciting sound bite or a chyron, but you have to go get the facts.”

Conway then launched into another lengthy attack on Biden, and concluded by saying “if you’re trying to silence me through the Hatch Act, it’s not going to work.”

“I’m not trying to silence you, the Office of Special counsel said you violated it,” the reporter said.

“Let me know when the jail sentence starts,” Conway cracked.

But Conway was, of course, wrong about what she said during the November, 2017 Fox & Friends appearance that landed her in hot water. Kilmeade did indeed say “So vote Roy Moore?”

Conway did not reply “No, I’m not saying that, I can never say that,” she said “I’m telling you that we want the votes in the Senate to get this tax, this tax bill through, and the media, if the media were really concerned about all these allegations, and that’s what this was truly about and the Democrats, Al Franken would be on the ash sheep of bygone half funny comedians.”

She then spent another minute attacking now-Senator Doug Jones.

Watch the Hatch Act violation above, via Fox News.

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