WATCH: Trump Fan Ejected From Tucson City Council Meeting Can’t Name the Thing She Was Protesting


The woman who was kicked out of a Tucson City Council meeting endured further humiliation outside, as her claim to have read the ballot measure she was protesting was challenged — and she wasn’t able to name it.

On Tuesday, a woman from the group “AZ Patriots” who goes by the name Jen was ejected from a Tucson City Council meeting in hilarious fashion after she began protesting the inclusion of a ballot measure enacting so-called “Sanctuary City” policies on November’s ballot.

As if taunts of “You’re in violation of being a jackass!” weren’t enough, the spectacle continued outside the meeting as Jen tried to drum up some more attention.

Just after being ejected, Jen engages a man who sounds a lot like the “You’re in violation of being a jackass!” guy, and asks him, “Why do you want to release criminal illegal aliens into the city?”

“Nobody is talking about doing that,” the man answers, over her objections, and asks “Have you ever read, have you read the sanctuary agreement at all? The sanctuary City initiative that you’re going against?”

“Yes. Yes. Yes, I have,” she responds.

“Have you?” he asks.

“Yes,” Jen replies again.

“Really? What’s it called?” the cigarette-holding man asks.

“It’s ‘To Put Sanctuary on the Ballot’,” Jen replies.

“Is that what it’s called? ‘To Put Sanctuary on the Ballot’?”

After Jen insists several more times that she read “To Put Sanctuary on the Ballot,” the man addresses her camera, saying “Just so your dumbass followers know, she didn’t read what she’s talking about, you guys don’t know anything. You didn’t read it. You don’t know anything about it.”

Jen then asks him to explain his “take” on the measure, to which he replies “Your racist ass-president can’t send his jackbooted brown shirts in here to do whatever they please.”

Jen from AZ Patriots is, alas, incorrect, the measure is not called “To Put Sanctuary on the Ballot,” the measure’s official title is “TUCSON FAMILIES FREE AND TOGETHER.”

And while the text of the initiative does not contain any references to “racist-ass presidents” or “jackbooted brown shirts,” it does specifically and repeatedly exclude “detainees or arrestees” from the protections it enumerates. So it specifically does not protect criminals.

Watch the clip above, via Lawra Sharpe.

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