5QQ: Viral Sensation Nick Kosir, The Rapping Weatherman


While most rap superstars are content to go to the club and “make it rain,” KBTV weatherman Nick Kosir will also make sure you bring an umbrella. Nick is the star of several breakout Youtube videos featuring his hype, yet hilarious, rapping forecasts, and also a devoted family man and all-around nice guy. We asked him to take time out from gettin’ crunk about the summer funk to answer our 5 Quick Questions, followed by one of his singular performances.

He’s so dope, even the Pope can’t cope. When Justin Timberlake brought sexy back, his audience knew about it 5 days in advance, Mr. Nick Kosir!

1. How do you get your first news of the day?

When our morning show at KBTV Fox 4 starts at 6 a.m. CST.. Up until then my face is usually buried in a bunch of nerdy weather web sites!

2. Either, Or (you gotta pick one!):

Biggie or Tupac?

The B-I-G. Anyone that has a music video with a car chase scene in reverse is the stuff in my book!

Purple Rain or Blizzard of Oz?

Don’t make me pick! I’ll have to say Blizzard of Oz.. it’ll make my dad proud.

Tex-Mex or Cajun?

Cajun! That’s what living in Southeast, Texas for two years will do to ya.

Altostratus or Cumulonimbus?

Cumulonimbus. Those are the big clouds that look like weird shapes.

Whiskey or Tequila?

One shot of whiskey, then it’s on to the Four Loko’s.

3. What’s the biggest story the media has missed this year? (Or last week):

I’m not good with news.. that’s why I’m in weather!

4. Obligatory Twitter Question: Describe yourself in 140 characters or less (hash tag optional!)

I’m just a laid back dude that likes to laugh and chill with my fam. You can find me in boat shoes, a v-neck and a backwards hat most days.

5. Are you nervous or excited about the future of journalism? Why?

I’m excited because it’s evolving into “info-tainment.” You get your news with a little fun on the side.

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