A KFC Twitter Account Targets McDonald’s With Mock Trump-Nukes Tweet Because We’re Doomed


Well, we now live in a world in which our leaders hate-tweet one another, threatening global annihilation as they conduct penis measuring contests. What could make this worse? Let’s just wrap the whole thing in a nice corporate package and try to sell something.

That’s exactly, after all, what KFC just did.

The British arm of the fast food chain took to Twitter earlier today to mock President Donald Trump’s infamous tweet in which he bragged to Kim Jong Un about the size of his “nuclear button.”

They managed to turn the possibility of a world-smiting apocalypse into a plea for consumers to buy one of their box meals.

“McDonald’s leader Ronald just stated he has a ‘burger on his desk at all times,'” they wrote. “Will someone from his big shoed, red nosed regime inform him that I too have a burger on my desk, but mine is a box meal which is bigger and more powerful than his, and mine has gravy!”

OK, fine, KFC. That is pretty funny. You win this round.

Still, the whole thing leaves one with a queasy “what is going on here” feeling. We already knew sex sells. Now we can add an extinction level event to that list? Sure, why not.

As of this writing, McDonald’s has yet to respond with a tweet of their own, perhaps threatening to launch an ICBM if we don’t run out and buy a Quarter Pounder Value Meal.

Also, guys, why can’t we just get along? Trump loves to eat both of you.

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