A Playbook About Nothing: Larry David Thinks He Can Be an NFL Offensive Coordinator

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Hey, remember that episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm when Larry David thought he could sell cars? (He tried, and hilariously failed.)

Well now the Bernie Sanders-doppelganger has the same delusion about being an offensive coordinator in the NFL.

Speaking to Charissa Thompson who was guest-hosting The Dan Patrick Show on Monday, the comedian said that all he needed to be a successful offensive coach was a one season apprenticeship under a coordinator.

“What could be so hard about it?!” David asked rhetorically. “You make up plays!”

LD also sounded off on his favorite team, the New York Jets, and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick’s now legendary beard.

“I dont know why Fitzpatrick can’t shave,” David said. “The beard bothers me…I don’t know what this quarterback looks like!”

Watch the video above, via The Dan Patrick Show, for more hilarity.

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