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A Ron Paul Video Game Is Coming

Libertarian techie nerds take heed! A Ron Paul video game is coming to your PC. Since the status-quo-loving political system makes it near-impossible for the Good Doctor to shake things up in Washington, you can finally put down that “End the Fed” poster and kick some virtual ass.

The game, funded by Kickstarter, is expected out in July. The creator writes on the game’s page:

The Road to REVOLution is a sidescrolling platformer action/adventure game, reminiscent of console classics like Super Mario Brothers and Sonic the Hedgehog.

You play the role of Ron Paul and make your way across all 50 states collecting Gold (sound money) and Delegates.

The game will feature 13 bosses, each representing the branches of the Federal Reserve. The game actually looks like fun and makes perfect sense for the Ron Paul crowd. Dr. Paul’s supporters skew young — and slightly nerdy — so a video game is the perfect fit.

Think about it: which other 2012 Republican presidential candidate (past and present) could conceivably be the subject of a video game without irony? I could see a game where a super hero Herman Cain delivered pizza and reformed the tax code while slaying the liberal media, but again, it would be completely for laughs.

In a video demo, the game’s creator Daniel Williams explains that he seeks to make a treat for libertarians. Seeing as how I used to work for John Stossel, I’ve spent a lot of time around libertarians, and so I offer a few unsolicited suggestions for the game:

1. I know Ron Paul supporters reserve their hatred mostly for the Federal Reserve, but if RP is going to collect Delegates as he makes his way across the U.S., shouldn’t some of the bosses be cartoon versions of his candidate opponents? For instance: Mittron 2012, the Mormon Robot from Massachusetts; Newt the Newt, an overweight…newt…from Georgia; Santorum, the frothy liquid from Pennsylvania.

2. As a side mission, Ron Paul should have to rescue the Ghost of Friedrich Hayek from John Maynard Keynes, a Bowser-like boss who locked Hayek away in a tower to prevent him from winning the Great Battle of Ideas.

3. Make the storyline non-linear. At one point, you choose your destiny: run as a Libertarian or continue all the way to the GOP convention. If you choose the former, the game no longer depends on collecting Delegates, but rescuing your son Rand from the evil GOP Establishment boss so that he can run in 2016.

4. And that leads to a possible sequel. “Rand Paul: The Video Game.” Coming 2016.

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