Al Franken: Democrats ‘Gotta Stop Riding in Limousines’


Senator Al Franken (D-MN) took the stage on Morning Joe Monday to talk Trump, health care, and — of course — his new book. While on set, the senator was asked a delicate question from panelist Eddie Glaude Jr. about how his party could erase the stain of “limousine Democrat.”

Franken’s answer may have surprised him.

“We gotta stop riding in limousines,” he said bluntly.

The quip prompted a round of knowing laugher from the set — most of whom we can imagine are pretty familiar with the plush interiors of a Lincoln stretch.

Glaude managed to stay on message — undeterred by the Franken truth bomb

“But there’s a presumption, right? There’s no difference that makes a difference here, that the corporate wing of the Democratic party is no different than corporate Republicans, right? How do you make that substantive distinction”

Franken adroitly pivoted, redirecting the limousine discussion into an observation about the wealthiest Americans and how tax cutes in the Republican health plan for the wealthiest could be redirected into Medicaid — which is set to be slashed.

“If you’re talking about limousines. How about the top 400 people in terms of tax cuts here,” said Franken. “The amount of money they’ll get in tax cuts would pay for Medicaid for 750,000 people.”

Fair enough.

The Republican’s Obamacare replacement faces a steep climb in the closely divided U.S. Senate. GOP Leader Mitch McConnell can only lose two members of his caucus. So far, five have come out against the bill, with several others known to be wavering.

A CBO score — which will drop later today — is expected to be critical

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