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ALERT: The ‘Compare Everyone to Hitler’ Bug Has Now Spread to Local Politics

Once again, it seems as though Godwin’s law applies to the world beyond internet message boards. On Wednesday, we were treated to conservative superstar Dr. Ben Carson claiming America is “very much like Nazi Germany.” Today, we have a member of the Wellington, Fla., Planning, Zoning & Adjustment Board comparing another official to Hitler, complete with a mock-Sieg heil!

We’ll spare you all the mundane local political details, but basically: Board member Dr. Marcia Radosevich was annoyed by local official Tim Stilling‘s proposal to make it easier for village staff to consider project applications without the incessant meddling of the Board.

Seeing this as a power grab of sorts, Radosevich raised her right arm, tucked in her head, and muttered in a faux-German accent: “Heil Hitler.”

“Wow” was the general response from the rest of the board, as she tried to laugh it off.

Since Radosevich (or Carson or this guy or this guy) don’t seem to get the problem here, let HyperVocal’s Marisa Kabas explain why the comparison might be a tad ridiculous:

Let’s review. Things Hitler did: organized a movement to form a “pure” race, ordered the killing of millions of innocent Jews and others he deemed unworthy of living. Things he did not do: try to usurp the authority of the Planning, Zoning & Adjustment Board in Wellington, Fla.

Watch the below, via Palm Beach Post:

[h/t HyperVocal]

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