Alex Jones: I’ve Been ‘Racially Attacked’ Dozens of Times


Alex Jones claimed on his radio show that he has been racially attacked dozens of times, but was “smart enough not to become a racist over it,” unlike many who used racial violence as excuse for the further “balkanization” of society.

“I’ve been racially attacked by black people, probably—let’s not exaggerate—thirty-five times?” Jones said. “I’ve been racially attacked by Hispanics, let’s not exaggerate, five times. Let me tell you, that’s when you really get hurt bad. Compound fractures, you name it.”

“I am sick of it,” Jones said. “I am sick of the fact that I have been racially attacked over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. And the politically correct thing to do is just offer your kids up to have their noses broken and their eyes blackened and their bones broken, because the one thing you don’t do is ever go stand up against it. That’s what political correctness is in this country.”

Jones blamed racial violence on “tribalism,” arguing that white cops will always beat up black men and vice versa.

“I’m smart enough to not become a racist over this. I’m smart enough to understand the manipulation. I’m smart enough to understand the geopolitical ramifications, and to actually try to bring people together to have a gang—because everybody’s tribal, that’s what it is, we’re designed like that—based on private property and the family and liberty and freedom and being honorable.”

Watch the full segment here, via Infowars:

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