Alex Jones Tangles With David Hogg on Twitter Over Conspiracy Theory, Invites Him On His Show


Over the weekend, it was reported that Alex Jones’ InfoWars was given a strike by YouTube over a video that portrayed David Hogg and other Parkland students as paid “crisis actors.” The video, titled ‘David Hogg Can’t Remember His Lines In TV Interview,’ was removed from the page as it violated YouTube’s policies. If InfoWars receives two more strikes in the next three months, the account will be permanently banned.

With Hogg having said this past weekend that those pushing the conspiracy theory are actually “great advertising” for him as it helps amplify his cause of increasing gun control, the student took to Twitter today to fire some shots at Jones. And he let the far-right conspiracist know that he’d love to “come on and clear some of this up” because Jones is a “shit journalist” who cannot figure out what Hogg is doing.

Hogg also asked if Jones had been sued by for spreading lies about the victims of another shooting. Presumably, Hogg was referencing Jones’ claims that Sandy Hook was a false flag which led to families of the victims threatening NBC with legal action over Jones’ Megyn Kelly interview last year.

And not done yet, Hogg dinged Jones for being a “snake oil” salesman.

Jones, meanwhile, jumped all over Hogg’s seeming willingness to come on his show to discuss Jones pushing the crisis actor conspiracy theory. The InfoWars founder said it would allow him to “set the record straight and clear things up.”

This then led Jones to shoot off a series of tweets calling on Hogg to contact him while taking issue with some of the things the teenager had said about him.

Jones ended his appeal to Hogg to be an InfoWars guest by letting the student know that he is now an activist who is not above criticism while claiming that CNN is using him in order to shut down InfoWars, something Jones has been stating over the past couple of days.

It would appear that Jones is upset that in its report on YouTube’s actions against InfoWars, CNN noted that it had noticed more InfoWars videos pushing hoaxes and asked YouTube if they violated the company’s policies.

So I guess one question remains — will David Hogg appear on InfoWars?

UPDATE 2:10 PM ET: Hogg clarified on Twitter that he will not appear on Jones’ show, stating he sent his earlier tweet expressing willingness without realizing how awful some people had been to victims and survivors.

This came after Jones posted a video challenging the teen student to a debate.

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