David Hogg on Conspiracists Smearing Him: ‘Great Advertising’ and Shows ‘How Disgusting They Are’


Following the horrific Parkland shooting that left 17 dead, conspiracy theorists began smearing some of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas students who spoke out in favor of gun control in the wake of the tragedy. Led by InfoWar’s Alex Jones and other far-right sites, David Hogg and others were accused online of being “crisis actors.”

Appearing on Reliable Sources this morning, Hogg was asked by host Brian Stelter how he felt about the conspiracy theories floating around on YouTube and social media.

“It’s great — It’s great advertising honestly,” Hogg responded. “These people are doing an amazing thing in the sense that they’re showing how disgusting they are.”

He continued, “The fact they’re calling on me as a witness of this horrifying incident saying I’m an actor, crisis actor, it shows how sad I feel for those people, honestly. Because they’ve lost faith in America and we certainly haven’t, but that’s okay because we’re going to outlive them.”

Stelter wanted to know if Hogg felt Google, Facebook and Twitter should do more to “tamp down this pollution.” The way Hogg saw it, though, is that those attacking him have only been helping him get his message across.

“Ever since they started attacking me my Twitter following is now over a quarter million people,” he declared. “People have continued to cover us in the media and for that I honestly thank them.”

It has been reported that InfoWars’ main YouTube account has been given a strike over a video featuring Jones spouting the crisis actor conspiracy theory about Hogg and other students. If the site receives two more strikes over the next three months, its account will be permanently terminated.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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