Alisyn Camerota and Dana Loesch Hold Marathon Gun Debate: ‘No Self-Respecting Hunter Needs an AR-15’


Earlier, we posted about CNN’s Alisyn Camerota confronting NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch in a contentious New Day interview Friday over comments made by Loesch that the media “loves” mass shootings.

The lengthy interview concluded with a more substantive debate on guns — with Loesch opening by explaining the NRA’s position against increasing the age limit to purchase a rifle.

“Raising the age is not going to solve psychosis,” Loesch said.

The NRA spokesperson then reflected on her days living alone at the age of 20, and how she wanted a firearm to protect herself — given the dangers faced by young women living by themselves.

“I’ve had friends who have experienced pretty horrible things, some pretty brutal things and survived,” Loesch said. “And I know that they and I would never want them to be without the ability to defend themselves.”

“You want young women to be able to defend themselves,” Camerota replied. “And did you need an AR-15?”

“Yeah,” Loesch said. “I had several rifles…In fact, [the AR-15 is] the most popular home defense rifle for women in the United States of America.”

Loesch went on to tout the AR-15 as a preferred weapon of hunters. Camerota expressed skepticism.

“We’ve also heard no self-respecting hunter needs an AR-15,” Camerota said. “That’s a weapon of war and designed for maximum kill.”

“I haven’t heard that from anyone who has one,” Loesch said.

The NRA spokesperson then cited a statistic that less than three percent of homicides are committed with long guns such as the AR-15.

“Understood,” Camerota said. “But this seems to be the choice of school shooters.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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