Alisyn Camerota Confronts Dana Loesch For Saying Media ‘Loves’ Mass Shootings: ‘How Dare You!?’


Alisyn Camerota had an incredibly contentious interview with NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch about her heated rhetoric and claims that the media craves mass casualty events.

Earlier this week, Loesch appeared on CNN to participate in their town hall debate on gun control and how to move the country forward after the Parkland School Shooting. Loesch was under a great deal of pressure during the event, and she followed it up with a fiery CPAC speech in which she said the media “loves” mass shootings.

When Loesch appeared on New Day, Camerota quickly cut right to the chase by asking if she was serious in saying “you think we love mass shootings?” Loesch argued that CNN does love the ratings boost shootings cause, also accusing the network of glorifying the shooter by giving more coverage to his name and face than to the victims.

Camerota pushed back on Loesch while decrying the “malicious” insinuations she was making:

I don’t know anybody in the media who likes mass shootings. You’re wrong on every single level. We pray that there’s never another one, and the idea of them being ratings gold…You just made a malicious statement and I have to respond. Guess what? They’re not ratings gold. Americans have reached saturation level. They’re so sick of it and it’s so heartbreaking that they actually often turn away and we still have the conversation trying to find solutions.

Loesch countered that CNN allowed her and other pro-gun people to be smeared as “child murderers,” though Camerota insisted they never did any such thing. Loesch continued that the real maliciousness was in CNN not correcting that in their coverage, and after that, Camerota wanted to know how deliberately inflammatory rhetoric is supposed to yield a solution for gun violence.

“We love mass shootings? It’s not true,” Camerota said. “That’s not true. How dare you!?”

The pair continued to spar about the NRA’s responsibility in helping to find gun violence solutions while avoiding rhetoric that deteriorates the conversation. The interview managed to cool down later on, which led to Camerota and Loesch debating the merits of banning semi-automatic weapons, making gun laws more restrictive, and how to prevent crazed killers from obtaining firearms.

Watch above, via CNN.

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