Alyssa Milano Joins The Cast of Jersey Shore (Sort Of)

alyssa milanoAs if I needed a reason to love Alyssa Milano more — never mind that she was Samantha Micelli, she just donated her 37th birthday to charity:water, raising over $83,000 for charity. A girl after my own heart. But, check out this new video from Funny or Die &dmash; yes, again with the Funny or Die, because it’s where smart, talented people go to make their ideas happen, and rack up the pageviews — where Milano gamely gets transformed into Snooki, the Jersey Shore star who may have just launched the baby name of 2010.

The video spoofs Dove’s “Evolution” video which shows how a regular woman gets transformed into a supermodel with makeup, hair, retouching and computer imaging. Milano’s transformation is no less dramatic. The video’s great on its own but knowing about the Dove vid helps (which is probably why the Dove video was loaded up on Funny or Die about an hour before the Milano vid.) But I love how Milano manages to make a statement about beauty herself, sitting with her 37 year old punum naked under the lights and looking fabulous, thankyouverymuch! Once again, Collette Burson, you know where to go.

Both videos, for your reference, are below.

Video Credits:
Starring Alyssa Milano, written by Seth Morris, directed by Dustin Bowser, DP: Christian Sprenger, Producer: Mike Farah, Makeup: Shauna O’Toole, Hair: Kat Bardot

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