Amy Schumer Posts Swimsuit Photo to Prove She Doesn’t Care What You Think of Her Body


Amy Schumer has never shied away from including her views on female beauty standards in her comedy, nor has she backed down on sharing them in public. A great example of this is the recent photo she shared on her Instagram:

Read that caption. Schumer is strong and healthy and does not care what the commenters on her photos think about her body.

This is especially noteworthy today, since we just found out that Victoria’s Secret will no longer be mailing its catalog, which has always heavily featured women who don’t look like Schumer or even like the vast majority of average women in America, to whom they are supposedly selling products. Since even the Victoria’s Secret models don’t look like the Victoria’s Secret models, what Schumer did is bound to resonate with a whole bunch of women around the world.

Naturally, the comments on her Instagram post include, “You are my shero. Rock on, girl,” and “Girl you are fabulous! Flaunt your realness baby!?”

[image via screengrab]

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