Beck: Maybe Obama Won’t Cover Up Hillary’s Emails Because She’s Not As ‘Marxist’ as Bernie

beckAs Hillary Clinton faces imminent fallout for breaking the State Department’s rules with her private server, Glenn Beck pitched a theory today about what he thinks is the real reason for Bernie Sanders to stay in the 2016 race.

“This administration has covered for everything,” Beck moaned, saying that time and time again, supposed scandals of the Obama administration were spared any consequences by the government. Beck seemed shocked that Clinton would ever be investigated for anything (especially during her presidential campaign), which led him to ask, “How could this administration not protect her when they’ve protected everybody else?”

Though he admitted that he was probably wrong about it, Beck floated a theory that maybe President Obama was letting her campaign sink because she’s not enough of a “Marxist” to succeed him.

Beck proceeded to theorize that Obama is determined to make sure an “ideologue” replaces him, and that the president sees his own electability strengths and values in a Sanders/Elizabeth Warren team.

“Why is Bernie Sanders staying in this race?” Beck asked. “There’s no way for him to win, and who benefits if Hillary Clinton is going to jail or if it looks like she’s going to have real problems [and] you can’t give her the nomination?”

Listen above, via The Glenn Beck Program.

[h/t Right Wing Watch]
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