Andrew Sullivan: I Stopped Blogging Because ‘It Was Killing Me’


Andrew Sullivan, the man who practically invented blogging and Mediaite’s own personal Jesus, revealed in an interview that he’d shut down The Dish because of the emotional tolls of blogging at a grueling pace.

“The truth is, I had to stop primarily because it was killing me,” Sullivan told a crowd last night at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan, according to CNN Money. “I used to joke that if blogging does kill someone, I would be the first to find out.”

Revealing that he wrote 40 posts a day — “every 20 minutes, seven days a week” — Sullivan said that the pace he set for himself over the past ten years, as The Dish went from Time to The Atlantic and eventually to his own freestanding organization, was “crushing” and emotionally draining, causing him to quit the blog earlier this year:

“Here’s what I would say: I spent a decade of my life, spending around seven hours a day in intimate conversation with around 70,000 to 100,000 people every day, ” Sullivan said. “And inevitably, for those seven hours or more, I was not spending time with any actual human being, with a face and a body and a mind and a soul.”

Sullivan said the job resulted in lost friendships and minimal contact with his family. He said his husband, whom Sullivan married in 2007, called himself a “blog widow.”

No longer tethered to his computer, Sullivan said he’s resolved to exercise and meditate each day, and to get eight hours of sleep. He expressed relief that he wasn’t forced to cover the recent controversy over Hillary Clinton’s emails.

“I couldn’t imagine blogging the next election,” he said. “I will not spend another minute of my time writing about the Clintons. Period. Or the Bushes.”

That said, he still has a few jabs at some of the media juggernauts out there, like BuzzFeed (“I’m intensely proud of having 30,000 subscribers to a site, which is 30,000 more than BuzzFeed will ever have”) and The Huffington Post:

“[Arianna Huffington] was so excited,” Sullivan said, before mimicking Huffington’s Greek accent. “‘Andrew, we had 176 million [unique visitors] last month.'”

He said “one of the kids” at the Huffington Post later confessed that he didn’t know what the 176 million figure even meant.

“I said, ‘You are the smartest kid here,’ ” Sullivan said. “It means nothing, really.”

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