Apparently Nobody on Morning Joe Has Read The Art of the Deal


On Friday’s Mika-less edition of Morning Joe, the gang took stock of the blizzard of scandals and revelations we have enjoyed this week, courtesy of Donald J. Trump.

Joe Scarborough told the group that the secret to understanding Trump lay in The Art of the Deal — a book the president mentioned once or twice on the campaign trail.

“If you want to understand Donald Trump, you don’t have to read The Art of the Deal. You need to read the first page of The Art of the Deal,” he told his panel.

Then the money question.

“Has anybody read Art of the Deal here?”

Now it was fast, and Scarborough moved on pretty quickly to explaining his point, but in a show known for spirited guests jabbering over each other, it was noteworthy that nobody said yes, or offered any answer. The very question itself seemed to stun guests into silence.

Scarborough continued along.

“He said I don’t plan ahead. I just show up in the office. I wait for phone calls to come in, I wait for things to happen. I don’t plan things out, things just happen, and when they happen, I react to them. And that really was for anybody who knew Donald Trump in New York, that’s how his business ran, and at times that worked for him.”

The former GOP Congressman, however, said that approach was not flying in the White House.

“It’s clear that’s now he’s trying to run his White House, and that’s why four months in he’s having to hire criminal lawyers. It’s just an absolute train wreck and this man at 70 years old is stuck in his habits. He does not appear to be changing.”

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