Republicans Mike Lee and Tom Cotton Go To War on Twitter: Everything in His Tweet Thread is ‘100% Fake News’


It’s Twitter beef day, apparently. First it was Democrat-elect versus Republican electorate, then it was Axios founder versus Axios critic, and now we have Republican versus Republican, as Senators Mike Lee and Tom Cotton have it out.

It all started with a Democrat, actually. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) tweeted and quoted an article from the New York Times regarding the First Step Act, a compromise legislation for reforming prison and sentencing laws in the U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the report says, told President Donald Trump that the legislation is unlikely to pass this year.

Klobuchar quoted a portion of the article covering Cotton’s objection. “Mr. Cotton, who has been perhaps the loudest critic of the bill’s sentencing changes in the Senate, urged colleagues to slow down the process, saying that the bill’s impact and implications were too expansive to push through without hearings,” it reads. Klobuchar objected that there have been multiple hearings.

Senator Cotton started his own tweet thread, first quote retweeting Klobuchar.

Which, in turn, prompted a quote retweet and thread from fellow Republican Mike Lee, who helped author the bill, and thus the war was joined.

In 2018 Republican politics, few insults cut as deeply as “fake news”, so despite the protestation of high respect, Lee fired quite a first shot. But even though each Senator continued making their case in their own threads, they weren’t done with the back and forth.

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