Ari Fleischer Goes off on CNN for Allegedly Ignoring Secret Service Scoop


Former White House press secretary Air Fleischer is pissed the media is ignoring a scoop the media broke.

A story linking the White House to a delay in an investigation over Secret Service shenanigans in Colombia in 2012, which was broken by the Washington Post last night, was talked about plenty on Fox News and MSNBC Thursday morning. But Fleischer thought his former network CNN was engaged in some serious scoop-burying:

(Note that this may also function as Fleischer’s counter to Jay Carney’s fact-checking of him yesterday; perhaps he feels CNN, which employed him as a contributor until last year, has become the landing spot for Obama spokespeople now.)

CNN anchors soon began responding that they in fact had covered the story (true; “New Bombshell Allegations about Colombia Trip” ran at 9:06). Not good enough for Fleischer, who apparently wanted it to get the MH370 treatment:

Isn’t there some single news source that could decide for the rest of us what does and does not count as a major story? Could it be phrased as “taking” or “winning” a certain time period? Here we go:

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