Ari Melber Hits Mark Zuckerberg Over Silence on Russia: ‘Whose Side Do You Want to Be On?’

Ari Melber has some questions for Mark Zuckerberg.

Wednesday night on The Beat, the MSNBC host took the Facebook CEO to task for not answering questions from Congress as part of the hearings probing Russian election interference, and how technology was used. So Melber wanted to pose a few questions of his own to the tech mogul.

“Why didn’t you realize Facebook had and has a problem?” Melber said. “We know when Facebook serves up lies in the news section, it tricks voters, and it influences our politics. Why did you reject that as crazy?”

This is not the first times recently Melber has criticized the Facebook co-founder. Three weeks ago, the MSNBC host railed against Zuckerberg for using hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico to help promote a new virtual reality app.

Melber went on to rip Zuckerberg for requesting transparency from government and from the public at large, while not appearing to testify on Capitol Hill this week, instead sending his lawyer.

“Mark, why is your position transparency for government, transparency for all of us Facebook users and secrecy for you?” Melber said. He added, “Before 2016, your company said a disclaimer on Facebook ads would be inconvenient. Mark, do you still think transparency would be inconvenient when it might actually protect our elections?”

Melber closed with one final question.

“Whose side do you want to be on?”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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