Schwarzenegger’s Celebrity Apprentice Catchphrase is Even Worse Than You Anticipated


Heading into tonight’s premiere of The New Celebrity Apprentice, much of the intrigue centered on what catchphrase star Arnold Schwarzenegger would use when firing a contestant to replace old star, and current President-elect, Donald Trump’s iconic “You’re fired!”

Well, wait no further. The ex-Governor of California and action superstar referenced two of his most well-known movie roles when telling Carrie Keagan it was her time to go.

“Who is taking the most risk is really what it comes down to,” Schwarzenegger told Keagan, setting up the big line. “So therefore, Carrie, you’re terminated. Now, get to the chopper!”

So, um, yeah. If you don’t know already, Arnold is calling back to his roles in the Terminator film series and Predator with that catchphrase.

Here’s some of the reaction of Twitter:

Watch the clip above of his saying it, via NBC.

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