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Bad Visual? Obama Uses Teleprompter In Classroom Speech (Updated)

President Barack Obama recently visited a sixth grade class in Falls Church, Virginia, delivering a prepared text with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. Elected officials do these sorts of photo ops all the time – they almost exclusively exist because of the imagery this sort of stagecraft produces (which are designed to help the official.) But this event might actually backfire on the White House, as the right-wing blogosphere is begining to blow up with images, video and scorn towards Obama’s use of a teleprompter to speak to a class of sixth-graders in a classroom speech. UPDATE – just released video reveals that the President spoke to the kids without a teleprompter.

Depending on where one gets their news and opinion on a day to day basis, there is a decent chance that you can expect to see and hear a lot more of this story in the coming days, and there is sure to be some sort of follow up in the coming days. Video below:

>Update – The White House has released additional video that clarifies that the teleprompter was not used in in a talk to sixth graders.

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