BBC Apologizes After Accidentally Airing ‘Penis Graffiti’ On The Air…

The British Broadcasting Company was forced to apologize today after airing “penis graffiti.” But this wasn’t just any penis graffiti. Oh, no. This particular penis graffiti was scribbled on the head of Prince William, best known as the father of the most important baby in the world right now. The BBC was teasing an upcoming interview with musical comedy group Barbershopera, and ended up using b-roll from one of their music videos featuring a penis scribbled on the head of the Duke of Cambridge.

Here’s the image in question:

The b-roll aired during the program… sorry, programmeBBC Breakfast, and once some eagle-eyed viewers noticed, “Hey, there’s a penis on the telly!” the BBC apologized for the inconvenience.

A statement from the BBC said the image was shown “fleetingly” within a comedy promotional video.

“We failed to spot the offending material within it. We apologise for this,” it said.

The b-roll came from Barbershopera’s 2011 music video “I Could Have Married Kate,” in which three men, a woman, and a horse lament how they could have ended up tying the knot with Kate Middleton. You can watch it here:


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