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Beck: ‘No Real Christian’ Would Be Supporting Trump for President

beckGlenn Beck tonight declared to a studio audience that “no real Christian” can be supporting Donald Trump for the presidency.

Beck said he’s very concerned about how America is losing its way morally and “we have got to be a people of principles” and prioritize those principles over party and special interests.

“Somehow or another,” he observed, “our side didn’t catch that memo. And there’s no chance of saving us unless we reunited with our principles.”

Beck recently said that the Evangelicals backing Trump “are not listening to their God.” After getting criticized for that, his response was to double down, declaring, “You’re damn right! And I’ll take on the Jews and I’ll take on the Lutherans and I’ll take on the Catholics and I’ll take on the Mormons! I’ll take ’em all on, you’re damn right.”

And then he said this:

“No Christian, no real Christian––I don’t mean a judgmental Christian, I mean somebody who’s living their faith––no Christian says, ‘I want that guy. That guy is the guy for me.’ Nobody.”

You can watch the clip here.

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