Beck Wants Conservative Peace: ‘I Will Not Say, If Donald Trump Loses, I Told You So’

Glenn Beck continued to respond to Sean Hannity‘s attacks against him today, but instead of responding in kind he declared he would be taking the high road.

He explained to Hannity and every other conservative angry at him for refusing to get behind Donald Trump that he decided a while ago he was done supporting “the lesser of two evils” and would stick to principle instead.

Beck disputed Hannity’s assertion that this stance makes him “arrogant” or “self-righteous,” saying that even if Hannit has no problem blaming him for President Hillary Clinton, he would never blame Hannity for President Trump.

“I will not say,” Beck declared, “if Donald Trump loses, I told you so. I will not point my finger.”

He sympathized with Hannity’s anger, but said the right must come together no matter what and not “fight like the left fights.”

Listen above, via The Glenn Beck Program.

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