Bernie Sanders On Why He Doesn’t Attack Hillary on FBI Probe: ‘I Don’t Have To’

For several weeks now, Cenk Uygur and other supporters of independent Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders have been dreaming of an FBI indictment that will swoop in and hand Sanders the nomination. In an interview with Sanders Friday afternoon on The Young Turks, Uygur asked Senator Sanders why he hasn’t pressed that attack in an effort to sway superdelegates to his cause. Sanders repeated his oft-stated mantra about trying to keep the campaign about issues and not “personal” attacks, but also added a more practical bit of reasoning:

There are investigations underway. They will play out, alright? Believe me, they will be in the newspapers. I don’t have to talk about it… Look, you don’t have to make the case, every superdelegate, these people are not dumb. I may disagree with them, they may be more conservative than me, they’re not dumb. And they want, as much as anything in this world, to make certain that Donald Trump does not become president.

As of the most recent reporting on the FBI review, the FBI has found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton, but hope springs eternal with Sanders’ supporters, even if Sanders himself doesn’t appear to be placing much stock in it.

You can watch the full interview with Senator Bernie Sanders Friday night at The Young Turks‘ Youtube channel.

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