Bernie Sanders Spends 4 Solid Minutes Bragging About His Campaign Before Endorsing Hillary


In what has to be the longest windup since they stopped playing baseball underwater, independent Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential runner-up Bernie Sanders took a month to actually admit that Hillary Clinton had beaten him, then another week to officially concede and endorse Clinton for president. Before that, though, Sanders spent a solid four minutes of his speech at a Hillary Clinton rally in New Hampshire bragging about all the victories his losing campaign had won, before delivering the breaking news that Hillary “has won the Democratic nominating process”:

It then took Bernie a further two minutes to get around to saying that he is endorsing Hillary Clinton:

Sanders’ long meditation on the success of his campaign might seem a bit out of place at a Hillary Clinton rally, but part of the problem is that Bernie is combining his concession speech and his official endorsement all into one speech. In 2008, Hillary Clinton got to give a lengthy concession which, while congratulating then-Senator Obama, gave her the opportunity to thank all of her supporters, and take the measure of her historic candidacy. Hillary was then free to get right to the point in her later speech in Unity, New Hampshire.

Bernie had to squeeze the concession and the unity event all together into one, and his acknowledgement of the success of his campaign served more than just his own ego. To the extent that his most loyal followers can be convinced to support Hillary Clinton, that acknowledgement was absolutely necessary to move them past the effort they had put in. To make up for it, Sanders put in another half-hour or so making his endorsement as full-throated as possible.

However he got there, I’m sure Hillary Clinton’s supporters would agree with what their candidate had to say once Bernie finally got around to introducing her:

I can’t help but reflect how much more enjoyable this campaign is going to be now that we are on the same side!

Sanders’ endorsement included references to many of the issues on which he has managed to move Hillary in his direction, including the minimum wage and health care, but conspicuously absent was any mention of trade policy. Apparently, they’re not on the same side of everything.

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