Biden Slams GOP’s ‘Blind Rage and Brute Partisanship’ During Kavanaugh Hearing


On Friday, former Vice-President Joe Biden issued a scathing statement slamming the Republican members of the Judiciary Committee for the “degree of invective, blind rage and brute partisanship” exhibited during Thursday’s Brett Kavanaugh hearing.

“What we witnessed yesterday from the Republican Judiciary Committee members was a degree of invective, blind rage and brute partisanship that threatens not only the Senate and the Supreme Court — it threatens the basic faith in fairness and justice that binds this country together,” the statement read.

Then, after calling Christine Blasey Ford‘s testimony “courageous,” and noting he was glad the members of the Senate have called for an FBI probe, Biden concluded: “Doctor Blasey Ford deserves an FBI investigation today. The millions of women who have suffered sexual assault and abuse deserve an FBI investigation. The country deserves one.  And for its reputation and legitimacy,  the Supreme Court needs one too.”

Biden also said Republicans have “distort[ed]” relevant comments he made in 1991, which were recently shared by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell:

[image via screengrab]

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