Bill Hemmer Defends Fox News: “Fair And Balanced Slogan Is Alive And Kicking”

Fox News host Bill Hemmer, preparing for a long night in Times Square alongside Megyn Kelly for Fox’s All-American New Year’s Eve has strongly defended Fox against the charge the network’s anything but a “shoot it down the middle” real news operation, not cheerleaders for the Republican Party.

In an interview with Popeater, Hemmer suggested Fox News critics watch the channel and he believes they’ll see Fox spares “no one whether they’re Democrats or Republicans. The fair and balanced slogan is alive and kicking.”

Hemmer says his mission at Fox is anything but bias–he says FNC brings a variety of opinion, and plenty of perspective:

It’s our job to figure out a way to shoot it down the middle. There’s too much noise out there anyway. Hopefully we can help viewers see their way through that or maybe get a picture that’s a bit more in focus than the noise of the day.

As for New Year’s Eve, Hemmer said it can be an icy cold experience, but he’ll be “layered up” and–perhaps, he hinted–even find warmth in an adult beverage at some point, but definitely at an after-show party that’s planned at a colleague’s (hopefully well heated and dry) apartment.

What can we expect on the air? The Fox News Insider asked Hemmer and Kelly, and you can watch it here, from Fox News:

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