Black Twitter Doesn’t Care What White People Think of Wilmore Saying ‘My N*gga’ to Obama


White House Correspondents’ Dinner emcee and The Nightly Show host Larry Wilmore delivered the usual poorly-received followup to the President’s remarks, one which got him flipped off by Don Lemon and earned him a death stare from Wolf Blitzer that Wilmore probably hasn’t seen since the last time he hopped in the back of a New York City cab, but he really left a mark with his parting remark to President Obama: “Yo, Barry, you did it, my nigga.”

On CNN’s live postgame show, contributor and Donald Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany weighed in on Wilmore’s set, and the remark, with some apparently unintentional irony:

Yes, isn’t it awful to call journalists out by name? Not classy!

Marc Lamont Hill had a slightly different take, saying he had no problem with the use of the word, but saying that he just didn’t find it funny. He also revealed that Wilmore’s remark had “500 white people texting me asking me ‘Why would he use that word?'”

Hill also said there would be division within the black community about whether Wilmore’s use of the word was “disrespectful,” but if Black Twitter is any indication, there is one thing that’s near-unanimous: nobody wants to hear what white people think about it. Here are some of the top tweets about that moment:

As a former comic, I would only make two observations. First, for those convinced Wilmore bombed, keep in mind that this is The. Worst. Room. In comedy. You’d get more laughs booking a child funeral with an open casket. Second, for those evaluating Wilmore’s closer, keep in mind that it wasn’t a punchline, it was a setup. All of this is the punchline.

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