Blackface and a KKK Hood on VA Governor Northam’s Yearbook Page Shocks Twitter

Remember when Republicans pounced over Virginia Governor Ralph Northam defending a bill that would make abortions up until birth legal? Feels like just yesterday. (It was.)

Well suddenly, the entire internet is pouncing, having learned that Northam’s personal yearbook page features a photo of men in blackface and KKK garb. Voices from all sides of the political aisle joined together on Twitter on Friday afternoon to collectively pounce on the Virginia governor. Take a look:

One Twitter user even pointed out the unanimous call on the Governor to resign because of his blackface photo across the political aisle, calling it a “universal standard.”

Virtually every pundit is talking about Northam’s yearbook photo right now, and his name began trending within an hour after the Virginian-Pilot confirmed the photo is real. Holy moly.

[image via Virginian-Pilot / Eastern Virginia Medical School]

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