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Brian Williams Upset a Lot of People With His Sensational Coverage of Dallas

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 11.41.26 AMBrian Williams! What are you doing, man?

Two days ago, Williams got in some online trouble for comparing President Barack Obama‘s speech to that of Richard Pryor. Yesterday, he referred to the president as “President Reagan.” Then, last night, as news broke that a sniper or snipers were shooting at police officers in Dallas, NBC News decided to run a special report and brought Williams in. He immediately began referencing the death of President John F. Kennedy, which happened in Dallas a few blocks from the scene that was unfolding. He went on to say, “As we’ve been saying to our live audience on MSNBC, the fog of war rules now apply.”

Here, watch this and hear the random references to JFK and Williams’ use of the phrase “urban warfare”:

Again, what are you doing, man?

He began trending on Twitter last night as the special report continued. Viewers were quick to note that he referenced the death of JFK before really getting to what was currently happening in Dallas. His personal musings on a civil war were just icing on the cake after that.

It appears that many believe Williams did a poor job of remaining impartial and allowed his own opinions to seep into his reporting.

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