Buzzfeed Bureau Chief Roughed Up at His Own Party for Talking to Rudy Giuliani

If there are thicker ironies than this, you’ll need Hattori Hanzo steel to cut through them. On Tuesday night, Buzzfeed Washington, DC Bureau Chief John Stanton was roughed up by security when he tried to ask exiting former New York City Mayor and current Man Yelling at Cloud Rudy Giuliani a question:

(I)t was former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani who created the most drama. Giuliani, drinking a scotch neat and smoking a cigar, was leaving the party with his giant entourage when Stanton tried to ask him a question.

According to several witnesses, security — which was heavy while Giuliani was around and included men in bulletproof vests — wrestled Stanton to the ground near the elevator banks. It’s not clear whether it was hotel security or Giuliani security who pulled Stanton down.

“John was reporting and asking the mayor a question, which resulted in a misunderstanding,” a BuzzFeed spokesperson said.

Irony number one is that Stanton was wrestled down by security (likely Giuliani’s) at his own outlet’s party for the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, at which Giuliani’s entrance and entourage of “goons” drew a lot of attention:

Irony number two is, of course, that the theme for Buzzfeed’s party was blacklisted journalists:

[photo via @EmmaRoller Instagram]

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