Youth Hockey Team Releases Absurd Statement After a Player Gets Into Fisticuffs With Fans


Over the weekend, a junior hockey player in Canada climbed the boards during a game and got into a fight with several fans.

The Canadian outlet CTV reports that during a game between the Southern Sting and the Grand Lake Moose of the New Brunswick Junior Hockey League, a player hit a spectator in the head with a hockey stick according to an eyewitness. The player, who has not been identified, is reported to have traded blows with several fans in the crowd of approximately one thousand.

Arena security could not handle the fracas and police were required to calm the situation.

As disturbing as the actions of the player might have been, perhaps the most absurd part of this is story is the reaction of the person (who we presume is an adult), who posted the ridiculous statement below to Facebook.

The actions of the fans here are not entirely clear. We presume their behavior was abhorrent. But for the franchise to focus the blame on them rather than the player who climbed the glass to reportedly hit someone in the head with a hockey stick is the height of absurdity. The player had absolutely no cause to climb the boards. It is a totally unacceptable action.

So when the Sting say that they “will be hiring additional security besides the Police at all remaining games and they will be checking people in at the door,” we wonder: Will they be checking the players as well?

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