Capitol Hill Reportedly Terrified of ‘Next Shoe to Drop’ in Comeygate


Rarely has one man dominated a news cycle like James Comey. Since being fired by President Donald Trump on Tuesday, the former FBI director has dominated news cycles from MSNBC to Breitbart for days.

Now, Axios reports that leaders on Capitol Hill are growing increasingly alarmed at where the current imbroglio may lead. “Lot of anxiety, don’t know next shoe to drop,” a House leadership told the website anonymously. Others expressed fears that nobody seemed able to tell the president “no” and that the D.C. infighting would ultimately only hurt the people in Trump land who put their hopes in the billionaire outsider in November.

As the week comes to a close, Comeygate has only gotten hotter. Since his dismissal, Trump and Co. reportedly faced a near revolt from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who media reports said was close to resigning over his portrayal in the scandal. (Rosenstein later clarified that he remains committed to his job). The message crisis also came on the same day Trump held meetings with the Russian Foreign Minister and U.S. Ambassador in the Oval Office, with their official media. (U.S. reporters were barred)

Deputy Attorney General Andrew McCabe told a Senate Intelligence Committee that the Russia investigation was still on and that contrary to White House claims, Comey was wildly popular at the agency.

Then there was Trump’s disastrous interview with Lester Holt, in which he contradicted the messaging of all of his surrogates, including the Vice President, and admitted that he fired Comey with a direct eye on his investigation into Russia. Trump spent all of Friday morning disparaging media reporting of the incident and openly threatening Comey with “tapes” from a dinner the pair had shortly after he was elected.

Yeah… and all of that is just since Tuesday evening.

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