Cenk Uygur and Young Turks Call Out Trump for Trying to Ban Cable Guests: Gov’t ‘Should Have No Place in That Discussion’


Cenk Uygur — host of the progressive news show The Young Turks — was a bit disappointed to learn he didn’t make the list of people whom President Donald Trump‘s campaign called out for making what it deemed to be “outrageous” comments on the Russia probe.

“I’m bummed they didn’t put me on the enemies list,” Uygur said slyly.

Of more serious concern, though, to the Young Turks founder, is that the Trump campaign — in his view — is trying to ban people on that list from appearing on cable news.

In a scathing monologue on Wednesday, Uygur shredded the Trump campaign for sending the list to TV producers in an effort to dissuade them from booking certain guests.

“This is the government, or at least a part of the government of the United States, sending out a letter to news organizations and telling them how they should function, how they should operate, who they should have on,” co-host Ana Kasparian said, adding “The government should have no place in that discussion at all.”

The memo from the Trump campaign to TV producers did not explicitly call for the banning of the guests. Still, to Uygur, the subtext is clear. He called on networks to push back and say, “If you want us to ban people who are liars, these are the list of people from your administration that have clearly told lies on our air and will never, ever, be allowed on our air again.”

Watch above, via The Young Turks.

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