Cenk Uygur Mocks Biden’s Reported Plans Not To Prosecute Trump: ‘Who are You Going to Unify With, QAnon!?’


The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur openly mocked Joe Biden after a report surfaced that President-elect and his team would likely opt not to move forward with any effort to prosecute President Donald Trump, choosing instead to unify a bitterly divided country. Uygur shared disappointment but not surprise at this news, noting that Biden is merely continuing policies established during his time in the Obama administration.

NBC News spoke with multiple sources close to the Biden team who say he’s “wary” of launching federal investigations into his opponent, fearful it’ll undermine his attempts to reunite the country. Instead, Biden reportedly wants to reset the relationship between the White House and the Justice Department and move away from directing federal law enforcement in terms of what to focus on.

“The historical context all led to the conclusion that Biden was going to do this,” Uygur says. “The Obama-Biden administration, as soon as they got into office, said, ‘We look forward, we don’t look backwards.’ Well, that’s a great relief to all criminals because all crimes are in the past, not in the future… That’s why Obama didn’t hold Bush and Cheney accountable for breaking several laws, including torture and warrantless wiretapping.”

Co-host Ana Kasparian also wondered what message ignoring Trump’s crimes would send about Democrats’ ostensible commitment to the rule of law, especially at a time when Trump and his lackeys are attempting to undermine the validity of a presidential election.

“If you care about protecting our democratic processes, which Donald Trump has worked very hard to dismantle, wouldn’t you want to look into that?” she asks. “Wouldn’t you want to investigate that? They’re trying to steal the election from Biden right now as we speak. But no, we’ve got to unify. As if that’s ever going to happen.”

Uygur takes Biden to task for pursuing a policy of “unity” – specifically, a kind of unity no one on the other side will ever agree to.

“Who are you going to unify with, QAnon?” he asks. “50 percent of the Republican Party believes that the Democratic Party is led by child molesters. 50 percent. And who leads the Democratic Party now? Joe Biden does. So he’s like, ‘I want to unite with the people who call me a child molester.’ Why would you do that? That makes no sense at all.”

And if Joe Biden thinks that looking the other way at Trump’s widespread criminality will smooth the transition into a new era where Trump quickly recedes into the background, Cenk says the incoming president needs to prepare for a rude awakening.

“Is it going to work?” Cenk asks. “That if Biden just wants to move on from Trump, that Trump will go, ‘Oh okay, yeah sure, let’s move on,’ and then all the Republicans in the country will say, ‘Oh no, we don’t care about Trump anymore, even though he can decide unilaterally whether we win or lose our primaries, whether we keep our power or not?’ He hasn’t lost that power at all. 93 percent of Republicans voted for him, and he has an absolute death lock on their minds. It’s not the Republican party; it’s the Trump party. Wakey wakey, Joe Biden. Trump is not going to go away.”

Uygur and Kasparian consistently provide that increasingly rare point of view that reasonably criticizes what they deem as hypocrisy or poor decisions despite the political positions of their subjects, which is in evidence in the clip above, which you can watch, via The Young Turks channel on YouTube.

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