Check Out This Journalist’s Unexpected Tale of Racism From Sanders Supporters

Screen-Shot-2016-05-26-at-2.12.59-PMIn a piece wherein she asserts that “Republicans do not have a monopoly on intolerance,” Keli Goff chronicled her racist experiences with the far left. Namely, she took issue with Bernie Sanders supporters.

In the wake of Matt Bruenig losing his job after — among other things — calling Neera Tanden a “scumbag,” Goff chose to share the online abuse she, a woman of color like Tanden, has faced at the hands of white Sanders supporters like Bruenig.

She wrote that the supporters repeatedly told her to educate herself on the needs of the black community. One jumped in to kind-of-sort-of defend her…by telling his colleagues not to be mean, but to work on “informing” her. They assumed that she was just dumb and in need of educating.

She concluded by pointing out that this type of behavior is usually expected from Republicans, but is all the more distressing and disappointing coming from a movement that is purportedly about racial tolerance. You should really go read it.

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