Chris Cuomo Battles Chris Christie Over Fallout From Cohen Hearing: Trump’s ‘Lying to Your Face!’


In a marathon interview Thursday night on CNN, Chris Cuomo and Chris Christie battled over the implications of the Michael Cohen hearing on Capitol Hill one day earlier.

Cuomo, notably, took issue with Republican House members going after Cohen’s credibility while simultaneously failing to hold President Donald Trump to account.

“They sat in that hearing yesterday beating Cohen over the head with his own lack of credibility, fine,” Cuomo said. “But Cohen lied about all the same things that the president did! And they never said anything to defend him. And they have never stood up to his lying. How can they keep their integrity?”

Christie admitted, “I didn’t think that it was a very good display yesterday.” Still, in the view of the former New Jersey governor, that doesn’t erase Cohen’s credibility issues.

“Let’s face it,” Christie said. “We know he’s a liar. We know he’s a cheat. We know he’s a thief. He pled guilty to those things.”

“How do any of those things not apply to the President of the United States?” Cuomo shot back.

“The difference Chris, is, Cohen has admitted them in a court of law, under oath, and pled guilty,” Christie replied.

Later, Cuomo renewed his point.

“He’s lying to your face!” Cuomo said. “Your party is supposed to stand up against this stuff.”

Christie responded by claiming both sides blindly defend lies — and traced the problem back to the Bill Clinton years.

“Everybody knew that what president Clinton did for lying under oath was wrong,” Christie said. “Everybody knew it. Democrats didn’t say anything about it. You’re criticizing the Republicans for the very same thing. It’s a valid criticism. But my point to you is, it’s not just a Republican problem. It is a political problem in our country. But we’re not willing to speak the truth.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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