Chris Matthews: Why Is GOP Providing A ‘Happy Home’ For Stupidity?

Why is the Republican party refusing to use its brain, Chris Matthews wants to know. On his show last night Matthews looked at recent surge of “yahoos” in the Republican party: “I think the Republican party is making a happy home for these folks.”

First case in point: Sen. David Vitter, who recently (and inexplicably) jumped on the Birther wagon. Matthews: “So, Vitter backs birthers, that’s bad enough, but there’s a dozen other members of Congress who back the birther movement, this know-nothingism is catching!”

And then there’s the trio of former Presidential candidates — Tancredo (“no surprise there!”), Huckabee, and Brownback — who all said they didn’t believe in evolution. Add to that the denial about climate change…”the beat goes on.”

Not surprisingly this screed ends with Sarah Palin: “Sarah Palin likes to talk about being a common sense Conservative, where’s the common sense in refusing to use your brain?” Watch below.

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