Christie Fires Back at Bannon: This Is ‘His Last 15 Minutes of Fame’


Chris Christie is blasting Steve Bannon for claiming the New Jersey governor fell out of Donald Trump‘s good graces as a result of the mogul’s Access Hollywood scandal.

During Bannon’s explosive interview on 60 Minutes, the Breitbart chief described “Billy Bush weekend” as a litmus test for the loyalty of Trump’s supporters. Bannon said Christie’s failure to show sufficient loyalty is what cost him a job in the administration to come.

Christie spoke to Judy Woodruff for PBS Newshour on Monday night, where he was asked to react to Bannon’s comments. Christie responded by saying he turned down several cabinet job offers, and he also talked about how he was helping Trump prepare for a debate against Hillary Clinton when the bombshell dropped.

“I suspect that this ‘little black book’ that Mr. Bannon is talking about, the only one who ever read that black book was Mr. Bannon himself,” Christie said. “I know that no one else cares about it, and now that he’s been fired, no one’s going to really care about anything else Steve Bannon has to say.”

Christie went on to say he had a blunt conversation with Trump about the Access Hollywood tape, and he also took shots at Bannon for using his TV interview to self-aggrandize.

“This, I suspect, is his last 15 minutes of fame, and that’s fine. I hope he enjoys it,” Christie said. “I have very broad shoulders, and I’ve had much tougher characters than Steve Bannon lie about me in the past.”

Watch above (the relevant part starts at the 7:40 mark), via PBS.

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