Chuck Todd Rips Sebastian Gorka: ‘This Seb Gorka Guy…Nothing But a Menace’

“This Seb Gorka guy…” said a visibly exasperated Chuck Todd on Thursday’s MTP: Daily.

One suspects that some variation of Todd’s comment has been heard in many corners of the Beltway of late — given that Gorka, Trump’s deputy advisor, has made all sorts of controversial public comments recently. Thursday, it was Gorka’s statement that it is “simply nonsensical” to think that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson would speak about military matters which turned heads. (The State Department pushed back immediately, saying that Tillerson “carries a big stick” as the nation’s leading diplomat.)

Chuck Todd asked his panel what they made of Gorka. Is he a respected advisor, or “just sort of this pugilist that goes on TV every now and then?”

Politico’s Eliana Johnson compared Gorka to Kellyanne Conway — just a TV surrogate.

But according to Todd, Conway does not seem to cause the sort of internal strife that Gorka does with remarks like those he made Thursday undermining Tillerson.

“How does this guy survive?” Todd said. He added, “It just sort of strikes me that he’s nothing but a menace to the rest of his staff.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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