Chuck Todd Slams White House: Their ‘Credibility Crisis’ Has ‘Gotten Much Worse’


On Wednesday’s edition of MTP: Daily, Chuck Todd ripped the White House over a series of misleading and unsubstantiated claims they’ve made in the past few days.

In a scathing monologue, NBC’s political director blasted various White House officials for statements they’ve made of late.

“[T]o cover this White House over the past few days, it has been a mind numbing combination of shocking, frustrating, and depressing,” Todd said. “Because as bad as we thought the credibility crisis was, it’s gotten much worse.”

Among the inconsistent statements Todd called attention to; Press Secretary Sean Spicer denying that he was aware of the retracted story on slain DNC staffer Seth Rich (even though he took a meeting about the story), President Donald Trump‘s lawyer, Jay Sekulow, denying that Trump was involved with Donald Trump Jr.’s statement on Russia (he is now reported to have dictated that statement), and Trump’s claim that he received a call from the leader of the Boy Scouts (which the Boy Scouts refuted and the White House later confirmed).

Todd offered this in closing:

“If they’re going to potentially mislead us about everything from crowd sizes to campaign meetings to what was said at the Boy Scouts, throw out wildly unsubstantiated claims like ‘Obama wiretapped my phones,’ and three million illegal immigrants voted only for Hillary Clinton, and then blast reporters for so-called fake news when they’re called out on this nonsense, why should we, or the public, or Congress, or the world take them at their word at anything?”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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