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CIA Set Up Fake Vaccine Program To Catch Osama Bin Laden

Never accuse the CIA of being uncreative (because they’ll find out about it): The agency set up a fake vaccination program in Abbottabad, Pakistan as part of its efforts to obtain DNA evidence proving that terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden and his family were hiding in the suburban neighborhood.

A Pakistani doctor working with the operation was able to gain access into the now-notorious Bin Laden compound, but was unable to gather DNA samples from either the ol’ bearded one himself or his family members. Maybe the CIA should have taken a page from Britain’s MI6 and set up a bake sale instead.

As you’ll recall, Bin Laden was discovered living in a secure compound within a tourist-heavy suburb of Pakistan, along with several of his cohorts and family members. When he wasn’t busy plotting the demise of infidels, he evidently amused himself by watching videos of himself, perusing pornographic material, and hogging the compound’s sole air conditioning unit. He was eventually shot and killed by members of the elite SEAL Team Six.

h/t ABC News Radio

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