Cleveland Crowd Turns on Al Franken After He Jokes About the Town and Its ‘Dumb’ People


Minnesota Senator Al Franken was in full on SNL cast member mode Thursday morning during his hit on MSNBC. The comedian-turned-politician was having a good laugh with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, when the “overly-sensitive” crowd at Flannery’s Irish Pub turned on them.

It all started when Franken — a Democrat whose party nominating convention happens next week in Philadelphia — was asked about his impressions of Cleveland. “Ugly,” he responded, regarding the state of the fractured convention we’ve seen play out since Monday night. But not everyone in the Cleveland crowd was so keen as to understand the Senator’s meaning, taking his response as an insult to the city itself.

As the boos rang out, Scarborough and Brzezinski both spun around. “You are so oversensitive!” exclaimed Brzezinski to the fans. Sensing that he had already started a silly fracas, Franken doubled-down on the bit in true comedian form.

“They’re very easy though,” he said of the crowd at Flannery’s and in Cleveland. “But dumb,” he said to go along with the bit. “Wait a minute I think I stepped in it again.” Before the conversation could continue onto anything of substance, Scarborough intervened to clarify the situation, forcing the Senator to identify what he loves most about the city.

“Oh, man!” he said to a laugh while he figured out what to blurt out next. “The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! The Cleveland Indians! What an amazing team. And of course… the world champion Cavaliers!” Franken said in his best pander.

The jokes didn’t stop there though with Franken on the hot seat. Scarborough asked him directly what he was hoping to accomplish during the week of the RNC. His response?

“To make it clear I don’t like Ted Cruz,” said Senator Franken.

Watch the above clip from MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

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