Click Here to Read Highlights From Senator Barbara Boxer’s ‘Fan Letter’ to Steph Curry


Here is a nice way to cap off your workday:

California’s Senator Barbara Boxer wrote an open letter to the Golden State Warriors’ star player Steph Curry today after he became the first unanimously-chosen MVP in NBA history and played a stellar game last night even though he was recovering from injury.

Here is a nice sentiment:

The intense focus you must bring to every game, the ability to work respectfully with others as part of a team, and the toughness to overcome adversity are skills that are as just as important off the basketball court as on it.

Here is another one:

Steph, you have shown us all how it is done. You have demonstrated it with your relentless work ethic. You have demonstrated it with your leadership, which is reflected best in the way your teammates talk about you. You have demonstrated it with the passion and sheer joy that you bring to every game.

Have one more, just because it is sweet:

Your fans in the Bay Area and around the world are in awe of your athletic skill and your impeccable character. You have made the people of California, and their Senator, very proud.

Now, go read the whole thing and smile because Tuesday is over and basketball season is not!

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