Barbara Boxer

‘Outdated, Undemocratic System’: Dem Senator Introduces Bill To Eliminate Electoral College

CNN’s Tapper: Why Can’t Clinton Just Hold Presser to Finally Address All Email Questions?

Click Here to Read Highlights From Senator Barbara Boxer’s ‘Fan Letter’ to Steph Curry

Sen. Barbara Boxer Who Beat Fiorina in 2010 Eagerly Trolls Her Team-Up With Cruz

‘Does Not Deserve Even One Woman’s Vote’: GOP, Dem Senators Rip Trump for Nasty Cruz Swipe

Dem Sen. Cites Success of Gun Laws in California a Day After San Bernardino

LA Times Columnist Attacks Fiorina for ‘Exploiting’ Breast Cancer Battle

Boxer: Planned Parenthood Debate ‘Not About Abortion,’ But a War on ‘Women’s Health’

Barbara Boxer to Giuliani: Ask Osama bin Laden if President Obama Loves America

A Bunch of U.S. Senators Appeared on NBC’s Parks & Rec Last Night

Sen. Boxer Announces Retirement in Hard-Hitting Rhyming Interview with Her Grandson

Dem Sen.: Return of Bush Officials on Iraq a ‘Nightmare Come Back to Haunt Me’

Ronan Farrow Needs a Refresher on Benghazi

Barbara Boxer: Hobby Lobby Case ‘Slippery Slope’ to Denying AIDS Medication, Vaccines

Ed Schultz, Barbara Boxer Equate Obamacare with Civil Rights, Women’s Suffrage

Fox’s Hasselbeck Calls Out Media Silence After Barbara Boxer ‘Trivialized’ Domestic Violence

What Insult Made Barbara Boxer Insist Rand Paul ‘Owes the President a Huge Apology?’

GOP Rep.: ‘Global Warming is a Total Fraud,’ Plot to Institute ‘Global Government’

When Did Obama Decide That The Scandals He Once Thought Were Serious Are Now ‘Phony’?

Barbara Boxer: ‘The Benghazi Scandal’ ‘Starts With Republicans’ Who Cut Funding For Embassy Security

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